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Extramarks provides a springboard to all the ambitious students who wish to pursue their higher education outside India.

Extramarks SAT Prep offers an online platform to prepare for SAT as well as the mandatory language assessment exam like TOEFL. (IELTS is Coming Up Soon). The courses are designed by a team of test-prep experts, consistent with the latest exam pattern.

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Get ready to explore the Academic world ably assisted by the services EXTRAMARKS has to offer. Contact us today and find out more about our SAT-Prep Course.

About SAT

SAT is a standardized test for undergraduate students. Recently revamped to make it more relevant, the redesigned SAT focuses on the “college readiness” of a student. Owned, published, and developed by the College Board, a private, nonprofit organization in the United States, the Test is accepted by all US colleges.

SAT is devised in a manner to assess students' readiness for college. Most students take SAT during year 11 (ideally) or year 12. The test is administered six times a year, typically offered on the first Saturday of the month. The dates should always be checked at the SAT official website (www.collegeboard.org) for final confirmation.

SAT assesses how well the test takers analyze and solve problems based on skills learnt at school or needed in college. It is administered under a tight time limit (speeded) to help produce a range of scores. Be aware that this format can restrict brilliant students to average scores if they are not well versed in time management.

Upcoming SAT Dates

2018-19 International SAT Administration Dates and Deadlines

Test Date SAT Available Registration Deadline
March 9, 2019 Yes February 8, 2019
May 4, 2019 Yes April 5, 2019
June 1, 2019 No n/a

SAT Pattern

The redesigned SAT test has given a high priority to content which is more in sync with what the students will encounter in college and their professional lives.

The much feared SAT Vocabulary words have been heavily diluted. Instead of the archaic words, the new SAT is more aligned with terms and language which is frequently used in college courses.

With the Test broadly divided into two major sections, viz., (a) Evidence Based Reading and Writing and (b) Math, the Essay section has now become optional.

Moreover, the Evidence Based Reading and Writing is further sub-divided into (i) Reading Section and (ii) Writing and Language Section.

For more information you can visit the official website( www.collegeboard.org)

The table below encapsulates the current SAT Format

Component Time Allotted Number of Questions
Reading 65 minutes /(1 hour 5 minutes) 52
Writing & Language 35 minutes 44
Math 80 minutes / (1 hour 20 minutes) 58
Essay (optional) 50 Minutes 1
Total 3 hours (without Essay)
3 hours 50 minutes (with Essay)

The Reading passages will contain excerpts from either US "founding documents" or a text from the "ongoing Great Global Conversation” which pertains to freedom, justice, and human dignity. SAT has also expanded the scope from which the passages are taken from a broad range of disciplines in science and social studies.

All multiple-choice questions have four answer choices, one of which is correct. The questions of each section of the same type are generally ordered by difficulty. However, an important exception exists: Questions that follow the long and short reading passages are organized chronologically, rather than by difficulty.

The Math section has shifted its focus to three main areas viz., (a) Heart of Algebra, (b) Problem Solving & Data Analysis and (c) Passport to Advanced Math. With two sections devoted to Math, one section allows the usage of calculators. In the other section, calculators are not permitted. As required, all the Geometry questions are preceded by a figure to refer to. All Grid-in questions are required to be marked in the special grid-in area of the answer sheet

The Essay section has undergone the maximum change. Gone are the days of receiving an open-ended prompt. The new avatar of SAT expects its test-takers to read a passage before analyzing it in the form of an essay. As mentioned earlier, Essay has become an optional portion of the exam, though highly recommended.

Please note that almost all undergraduate programmes in the US require applicants to furnish the SAT score while some may require scores on SAT Subject tests or a separate Essay score too.

Extramarks Offerings

Detail of the exclusive packages created for you.

Extramarks offers a unique platform to prepare for SAT online. It provides an extensive Test Prep for students which make the virtual learning environment more conducive. This self-paced course is created with a busy student in mind. Designed by a team of test-prep experts, Extramarks SAT Self-Paced Prep delivers exclusive test-taking strategies along with personalized analysis of the test taker with a help of recommended study plan. One of the key features of the Offering is the Unlimited Test Series. Students have the choice to attempt and practice the test unlimited times. Kicking off the SAT prep with Extramarks Test Prep service is beneficial since SAT score is a critical part of the admissions process. This comprehensive pack provides a sense of how a student would score on the actual test.

How do I prepare for SAT with Extramarks?

Please check the skeletal overview of Extramarks SAT Prep flow:

SAT Online Course Features

What does the course entail?

SAT Diagnostic Test

Truly Identify where you Stand
Preparation for an exam can truly begin when you know exactly what you are in for! Taking a Diagnostic Test allows you to have a preview of yourself vis-a-vis SAT. Once the scores are in, it's easier for you to undergo focused and more importantly, informed, test preparation.

Our diagnostic test is designed according to the pattern of the actual SAT Exam. After completion, a detailed and section wise score card is generated. Additionally, a recommendation plan is chalked up exclusively for you. The plan identifies your weak areas and proposes a plan-of-action for it. The test places you at an advantage even before you begin your preparations, since you are already aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

We hope that we have put you in the right frame of mind for exam!


Hone your Skills with Videos on all SAT Topics
Welcome to the Extensive Video Tutorials.

We have designed the tutorials keeping flexibility of self based study in mind. The course is broken into manageable modules. Examples and sample questions are made available to you throughout the module - exemplifying the topic for easy understanding. The tutorials themselves are in uncomplicated language. In fact, we have made available the script of the tutorials too, in case you want to go over the lectures at your own pace. In some modules, we have incorporated extra practice questions for that specific module, the idea being, to cement the strategies and tips and tricks taught to you in the tutorials.

Practice Exercises

Highly Tested Practice Questions to get the Real feel of SAT
Practice Exercises help you to conceptualize what you have learnt in the video tutorials. Armed with a Performance Tracker Tool, this section provides the requisite practice questions and tracks your performance too.

Unlimited full length test

Proven and Highly Tested Questions to Stimulate the Actual SAT Environment
Full Length Tests (FLTs) play a crucial role in all Test Preps. They allow you to get familiar with the test at your own pace initially, while providing you with a realistic report card of your performance. Simulating the test environment of SAT is a conscious core tenet of our approach to test prep tutoring of students. The various advantages of taking the FLTs are enumerated below:

  • Helps to train for performing under high stress situation
  • Familiarity allows for a 'no-surprises' test day
  • Builds metal and physical stamina to prevent exam fatigue setting in
  • Gives time to apply multiple strategies on a question type
  • Helps you to recognize your pressure points and work on them

SAT has done away with the strict vocabulary section. However, one can never negate the power of words. It helps you to not only master the reading comprehension but also to make your essay incredibly competent. So go ahead and give yourself an extra power with the Visual Flash Cards made available for your reference.

Performance Tracker

A Realistic Assessment of your Performance

Performance Tracker allows a glimpse into the progress from the Diagnostic score till the last Full Length Test attempted. Easy & uncomplicated, the Performance Tracker is available mainly in the form of a graph. Through the "Compare Your Score" tool, you can also compare the performance in any of the tests which have been submitted. Graph of the sections is displayed to compare scores and zoom in on the weaker areas.

Overall, Performance Tracker is an attempt to provide a comparative pictorial map of the journey regarding SAT Prep.