The Learning App by Extramarks is empowering the learners of today and tomorrow through rich, animated lessons, which make learning exciting and engaging. We focus on complete concept clarity, ensured through visual learning modules prepared by an in-house team of senior academicians, technology experts and animation artists. Our app gives complete syllabus coverage for all classes and subjects which allows you to learn anywhere, anytime!

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Extramarks - The Learning App assists students in learning holistically through extensive content that is mapped according to students curriculum.
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Complete K-12 Coverage | Study All Subjects

Be it Sanskrit, Psychology, Mathematics or Science - The Learning App provides learning modules for all major boards and all classes. Textbook concepts are explained in great detail using game-based and thematic pedagogy at lower grades, and hierarchical and layered approach for the senior levels.


Learn - Practice - Test

To make the learning process wholesome and holistic, Extramarks follows the unique pedagogy of Learn-Practice-Test.


Concepts are explained to you in great detail using our rich media-based learning modules.


You can practice the learnt concepts through a variety of tools and services like MCQs.


Finally, all your knowledge and comprehension is checked through adaptive tests with progressive difficulty levels, and National Level Weekly Tests to create an upward learning graph!

Personalized Learning and
Doubt Solving with Alex

Extramarks introduces the first ever AI-based studybot - ALEX - to to guide students and solve their doubts instantly! Alex helps create personalised learning journeys, for the individual needs and milestones of students. These journeys are based on an adaptive learning platform, which help students progressively improve their score and learning outcomes.

Why Alex is the coolest learning companion

  • Helps in instant resolution of unlimited doubts.
  • Gives a platform to solve your curriculum queries.
  • Guides along the personalised learning journey.
  • Helps to navigate the app.
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Quiz and Fun!

With Extramarks, you get to have fun while learning. With our innovative ‘Challenge Friends’ feature, you can challenge single and multiple peers to a round of quizzing on any subject, real time. Through this gamified learning experience, you can assess how well prepared you are on each subject and topic.


Personalised Recommendations through Analytics and Reports

Extramarks creates extensive intelligence backed reports to help you identify your gap and strength areas. Learn from us which subjects, chapters and topics need attention and pursue your studies in an informed manner.


Free Academic Counselling

Unsure about how this app can benefit you? Simply call the Extramarks experts at home for free and learn from them how to plan your learning to attain maximum academic success. We’re always a phone call away!

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